Skin Clinic and Spa

Body Waxing/Sugaring and Treatments

"The Un-Unibrow"  |   $30

(Brow re-Shaping)

-brow tint included

'Stache "n" Dash   |   $10

(Upper Lip)

Face   |   $25 - $35

"The Rockette"  |   $60 - $70

(Full Legs)

Full Arms   |   $35

"The Pretty Kitty"   |   $60

(Brazilian or Brazilian Sphinx)

"The Pretty Fox"   |   $40


Underarms   |   $15 - $20

Nostrils   |   $7

Full Back   |    $60 - $70

"Sweet Cheeks" Bum    ‚Äč|    $30

Chest   |   $60

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Our wax and sugars are made of natural resins and sun bleached beeswax. It is a low temperature wax/sugar designed not to irritate the skin.

To get the best hair removal results possible, please consider the following:

  • Do not shave or use any other hair removal system for at least 12 days prior to your waxing appointment
  • Be sure to exfoliate prior to your waxing treatment
  • Waxing is only mildly uncomfortable, but if you are concerned you may take an anti-inflammatory such as advil 30 minutes prior to your appointment
  • Drinking caffeine can increase pain of waxing, as it stimulates the nervous system
  • Always stay well hydrated.